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GAIRS Passed the Site Acceptance of Safety Production Standardization Successfully


Shanghai GAIRS Machinery Co., Ltd. passed the safety production standardization construction assessment successfully in August 2014. An expert team from Shanghai Pulan Certification Consulting Co., Ltd. conducted a site acceptance to the company.
According to the requirements of the 2011 No. 199 Notice on the issuance of implementation measures (temporary) of safety production standardization evaluation and management work to Shanghai metallurgical enterprise and other industrial and trading enterprises, and in order to improve our safety production management level comprehensively, strengthen the supervision and management to the basic work of safety production, promote self-discipline and establish a continuously improved long-term safety production mechanism, our company set up a leadership team of creating a safety production standardization activity headed by the general manager, which is responsible for the implementation, supervision and evaluation of the standardization activities. The leader team had carefully studied the national laws, regulations, rules about safety production and the Industrial and Trading Enterprise Safety Standardization Training Document Assembly (the 4th edition), made a deep understanding and mastered the content and requirements of the standardization construction work, and made a comprehensive and detailed governance to the basic management work of safety production, the security status of equipment and facilities, operating environment, occupational health and other work carefully and pragmatically according to relevant standards.
1. Safety Production Leading Organ and Personnel Allocation
Upon receiving the notice from the Safety Supervision Bureau, the company set up a safety production leading group with General Manager Zhu Mengjun as the head, Deputy General Manager Lin Xiaojian and directors of all departments as members, responsible for the safety production standardization construction work of the company, and a whole set of safety production management network system has gradually formed, which effectively guarantees the personal safety of staff and property safety of the company and promotes the safety production activity of the company to develop steadily.
2. Development Situation of the Safety Production Management System and Relevant Regulations
The company has established and perfected the safety production responsibility systems and safety production management systems in many aspects, formulated and amended the safety production operating specifications in relevant production positions. From general manager and deputy general manager in the top to position operator in the bottom, the company has developed safety production responsibilities for them, achieving everyone has the duty and every position has provisions. While establishing sound rules and regulations, we also study seriously, implement them loyally and strive to form a long-term security mechanism.
3. Safety Education and Training
According to the company’s “Safety Training System” and combining with the actual situation of the company’s safety production, we carry out safety training and education regularly for frontline staff. In term of training to special operating personnel, relevant departments shall give the training, make assessment and issue certificates to them according to Measures on Safety Technology Training and Assessment Management to Special Operating Personnel. We have maintained no major safety accidents over the years and reached the purpose of safety production.
4. Safe Operation of Equipment and Facilities
The company has established Equipment Management System and other equipment management systems, made all responsibilities assumed by all persons, achieved daily maintenance and repair to equipment, strengthened self-inspection during the use of equipment, so that the company has eliminated hidden dangers and ensured safe operation.
5. Safety Production Accidents and Emergency Management
The company has developed a Safety Accident Emergency Rescue Plan, set up an emergency leading group, arranged the personnel, machine, objects and materials in the production site reasonably, formulated Safety Production Rules and Regulations, and ensured a safe and orderly working environment, spacious exit passageway and obvious signs. The company also has deployed fire extinguishing devices in the main sites, developed a Safety Management System of Fire Control, made the responsibilities clear and ensured the emergency equipment in a good condition to prevent major accidents.
6. Examination and Rectification to Potential Safety Hazard
The company develops a Safety Production Examination System, insists on conducting an overhaul to safety production every month, issues “Notice to Rectify Potential Accident Hazard” to problems found, makes it explicit that which department is responsible for the rectification within a time limit, arranges special personnel to track up the rectification situation and ensures the safety work stable and controllable.
7. Rewards and Punishment Assessment in the Safety Production Responsibility System
To strengthen the implementation of safety production work responsibilities, the company truly has the safety production work responsibility implemented by specific person in strict accordance with the principle of “Who he is the director is responsible”. The company has set up a Rewards and Punishment System on Safety Production, carries out the system of accountability in work, processes the safety production accidents caused by dereliction of duty seriously and has the safety production office make a comprehensive assessment to the implementation situation of the safety production management responsibility every year and give commendation or circulate a notice of criticism according to the results. Thanks to a strict system, prosper measures, and well implemented responsibility, there has been no safety liability accidents in our company.
8. The Formulation of Safety Production Operation Specification
The company develops corresponding safe operation rules to various types of devices it uses and issues the rules to every team in every department, so as ensure all staff members have learning materials and performing regulations, and the company has provisions to follow to reward or punish. In the mean time, the company also requires all departments should make the safety production and maintenance and repair records well.
Pulan Certification Company gave a higher evaluation to our safety production standardization work after giving us an on-site certification and put forward some rectification advices. Aiming at these problems, our company made further improvement and had its safety production standardization construction step on a new and higher stair.

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