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Gairs employees won the 2014 Shanghai five one labor medal


Shanghai City Federation of trade unions in April 24th announced the city won the 2014 national and Shanghai five one labor certificate of merit, medal, workers vanguard's list, in the city of Shanghai five one labor medal in recognition of the list, the technology center of Shanghai Jialishi machinery limited company manager Zhu Weiyan on the list.
Comrade Zhu Weiyan in 1992 into the Yueqing General Machinery Co., Ltd., rigorous style of work, meticulous. In thought and action and always on the party line, guiding principle, policy consistency. She actively learning design and process technology, innovative solutions to difficult problems, a short span of ten years, from a technician ordinary grew into a technical backbone, as the technology center of Shanghai Jialishi machinery limited company manager in 2005.
In 2003 the company changed its name, the face of fierce market competition, she soberly realize, can bring to the enterprise technology innovation way. She put all her energy and efforts are devoted in air compressor design, R & D work. The intake valve, the original single screw air compressor used in complex structure, complicated processing, seal is easy to damage. Optimizing the structure of butterfly type inlet valve, her design, has the stable operating conditions and good appearance design, manufacturing cost is relatively low; single screw air compressor ultra quiet with a pure electric bus, the original host and the gas oil separation tank is split, so that the machining error is big, difficult assembly. Oil gas separating tank and the casing of the host computer she designed cast together, compact structure, beautiful appearance. Comrade Zhu Weiyan has participated in the design of 11 patents, and won the two prize China Machinery Industrial Science and technology in 2009.
Comrade Zhu Weiyan presided over the design of the "pure electric bus with ultra quiet single screw air compressor", from the user perspective to solve the problem in the reliability of the product, the upper and lower time. Each valve, spring power bus, she requested by the tooling and test platform for life testing to ensure that each parts of a large number of performance indexes meet the design requirements was used in the new products. The product is of high stability and low noise, being as the major project of the century governance environmental pollution in the city included in the national "863" plan of electric vehicle major projects. The use of products also succeeded in the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo and other major projects, won praise users, the Beijing Public Transport Holdings (Group) Co. Ltd hereby send a thank you letter. The company can complete the outstanding support these technology in major projects, comrade Zhu Weiyan not.
In the aspect of enterprise management, she actively introduce PDM technology development and design of management software, the technology innovation system for continuous improvement. Comrade Zhu Weiyan is not only a company of scientific research backbone backbone, management, give full play to the role of science and technology more leaders at their jobs. In order to solve the problem of product categories, specifications after the increase, quality can be traced to a series of problems etc.. She led the technical team through a year's time, has developed a set of scientific, covering the whole range of products widely used coding scheme, each department of the company. Make painstaking efforts in her water lubricated air compressor in the R & D process, access to information, late into the night, leading the technical team to overcome three technical difficulties: to solve a host and machine with anti corrosion; solves the sealing problem between the bearing and the air compressor machine; solve the meshing clearance of the low viscosity of water brings the sealing problems. The technical team lead by the leadership of her highly acclaimed, and has repeatedly been rated as advanced group technology center in the company, was awarded as Songjiang District enterprise technology center. In 2013 new product sales revenue accounted for the total sales revenue of 20%, new product development has also brought the new profit point of growth for the company.
Comrade Zhu Weiyan's ideological and moral qualities of high. Professional level is higher in production technology research and management, to make a certain contribution to the development of national industry compressor.

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